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Fly Fishers International provides multi-leveled health benefits solutions available in all 50 states with individualized enrollment capabilities. The benefit offerings are customized for each individual’s needs and budget.

The whole process is simple through our industry leading, “paperless application” process and voice-signature capabilities. We are able to record a customer’s voice over the phone and store it for up to 7 years.


Which carriers are available?

Fly Fishers International only offers “A-rated” carriers by A.M. best ratings.

How can Fly Fishers International help me if I live in Massachusetts?

Although MA regulations restrict your ability to apply for major medical insurance through Fly Fishers International, we can still assist with questions as well as offer other valuable products.

Who is eligible?

Health insurance marketplace plans through Fly Fishers International are available to anyone who is not eligible for employer sponsored benefits; and all other insurance products, including private health insurance plans, are available to everyone.

Will the insurance plans cost more through Fly Fishers International?

No, there is no extra cost to purchase insurance through Fly Fishers International. When you purchase a health plan, no matter which method you use to purchase that plan, the cost will be exactly the same. Whether you use Fly Fishers International, apply for a government plan yourself on, or go directly to the insurance carrier, you will pay the same premium.

Can I apply for a subsidy through Fly Fishers International?

Yes! Through Fly Fishers International, you can apply for financial assistance (a subsidy) to help pay for your health insurance costs when you apply for a government health insurance plan.

Why buy a plan through Fly Fishers International?

Fly Fishers International makes the insurance buying process easy. With Fly Fishers International, not only are all of the private and ObamaCare/Government plans in the same place, but you have access to a licensed health insurance agent to help you through every step of the insurance buying process. They will answer any question you might have about insurance or the Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare, present you with plans that best fit your needs, and enroll you into the plan of your choosing. In addition to major medical plans, we give you access to a variety of other supplemental insurance products, in the same call!

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